Free Download or Free Reading Manga Kimetsu no Yaiba – Demon Slayer (Update New Volume)

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Free Download or Free Reading Kimetsu no Yaiba - Demon Slayer (Update New Volume)

Review Manga Kimetsu no Yaiba – Demon Slayer (Update New Volume)

To be completely honest, even though this anime has been doing really well, I still think its under-rated. Let’s break down the quality of each aspect of the show shall we? I’ll keep this relatively short and summarize the quality of each aspect without spoiling anything!

Story (10/10) : Not only is this anime setting and story line a relatively unique idea, it’s also paced masterfully. Some may say the beginning is slightly slow, but if you continue to watch past those parts, it only adds to the experience. It allows you to understand what all those slow paced parts were building up to. The story also has a deep meaning, each encounter, showing the story and reason behind the demon’s life and existence. This is one of the few shows which makes me actually pity the villainous race, and at the same time wish for their epic deaths.

Art and Animation (9999/10) : Holy crap is the art and animation NEXT LEVEL. Demon Slayer has a relatively unique style of art, especially compared to modern anime. The art style was taken directly from the manga, and transformed into something beautiful. The CGI in this show is also the best I’ve seen, not only are the effects top tier, the CGI and frame by frame animation quality is absolutely breath taking. I swear you’ll jump out of your seat, screaming “LET’S F***ING GO TANJIRO” As he spins a water sword animated with perfection, chopping off the heads of demons.

Sound and Music (10/10) : The sound in this show is the exact model that every single shounen show should have. The effects, ambient sound, all merge seamlessly with the smooth animation. The music effectively hypes you up or change your mood when necessary, AND BOY IS THE MUSIC TRACK AT THE END OF EPISODE 19 SICK, HOLY FU…

Character (10/10) : While reading the manga previous to watching the anime, I really did not like the characters and the character development phases. Each character had a troupe personality, and were relatively cringe to read. Though the anime surprised me, it changed the characters personality into something that was either funny, exciting, or just generally interesting. The character development was outstanding, and at some parts were really emotional and touching.

Enjoyment (9/10) : Although I loved the show, and think it’s a masterpiece, I just don’t really have a deep connection with it. Sure each week i’d be eager and stay up till 12am to watch the latest episode air, but I just don’t have the same attachment to the anime as I do with some of my other favorite shows. That being said, everything was done to perfection in my opinion, and there is just one small aspect which I have overlooked which might’ve made this show not as good as it can be.

Overall (10/10)