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Review Manga Shingeki No Kyojin – Attack on Titan (Update New Volume)

Shingeki no Kyojin, just like its anime adaptation, turned out to be one of the best mangas ever written. I originally didn’t want to read the manga series because I enjoyed the anime and I wanted to be able to be surprised by it. But I was convinced to read it and I’m not disappointed at all. This manga series has such an intricate plot, amazing characters, and plot twists that made me cry. The answers to the questions I’ve had ever since watching the very first episode of its anime adaptation have been given to me in the very last volumes (18 to 21). There are still many questions to be asked but more about the future of our beloved characters rather than their past that we now know pretty much by heart. So I can’t wait to read the rest of it although it will be hard to wait for release dates.

Personally, I prefer anime with this one, as anime has gorgeous art. So, let’s discuss the positive and negative aspects of “Attack on Titan” manga:


  1. Epicness. The story and world-building is vast, heroic and exciting! Not to mention, suspenseful. I had too little patience to wait for revelations about titans’ origins and “what is on that goddamn basement”.
  2. Enjoyment: It was action-packet and exciting. You never get bored or put it down.
  3. Underlying themes: Human flaws, behaviors at the very stressful situations, what is it to be a hero, saving humanity, friendship and love.
  4. Surprise plot-twists!
  5. Characters: My favorites were Armin Arlert, Hanji Zoe, Jean Kirschtein, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman , Levi Ackerman . Other characters were also interesting: Reiner Braun, Berthold Huber, Annie Leonhart, Connie Springer, Sasha Braus, Krista Reiss, Ymir, Erwin Smith and of course Grisha Yeager. They were all useful at some point in the story, some played major part despite being side characters (Reiner, Berthold, Grisha and Krista), some were so complex and with flaws (Erwin, Grisha, Ymir) and even antagonists were a bit likeable.


  1. Some characters: Actually, I didn’t hate Eren like most of people do, even though he is a bit annoying with his anger issues and reckless behaviors. I, on the other hand, found Mikasa a bit boring, despite being badass soldier, she seemed to have lack of personality. Not to mention her obsessive love and protectiveness for Eren, however, Eren seems to be blind to that love. I think, Eren is incapable to form a romantic relationship with anybody, including his childhood friend. Which is, well, a disappointment for romance fans. I also didn’t love Levi as much as many people do. He was like Mikasa-badass but boring personality-wise.
  2. Art- it was mediocre most of the time, but action and battle scenes were hard to distinct. That’s why, I loved anime more.
    Overall, it was a thrilling series to read and there is still more to be published, so the story hasn’t ended yet. The final volume was emotional as Armin’s childhood dream came true! I am so happy for that, but for a particular reason, also a bit sad. I’ll put this manga down for a few months till new volumes come out. In the end, I recommend it to action shounen manga fans. But beware, it is brutal.

his book is the final piece of the puzzle to form the whole picture. Finally, all scattered pieces of puzzles are in place and what we see is another bloody path to freedom, one they all had no way of avoiding. Do they really have to use the power they detest the most onto someone else in the name of survival? Is that really the only option?

I am still unconvinced if the theories Eren came up with on his on with regards to his to-die-for titan power is correct. I am really hoping that is not the case at all.